Mediterranean Sea

Mallorca is far more than a pensioner island in winter Mallorca is becoming increasingly popular as a winter destination. More and more people who appreciate the mild climate on the Mediterranean island, decide, in the winter weeks at the Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, as the island is affectionately called, to spend some. Athletes use the island in the winter as a training location and also many older people escape the harsh climate in Germany. In Mallorca, is not quite as warm in the winter in contrast to the Canary Islands. And there are even snow. Snow is often especially in the mountains, the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains, which was honored this year as world cultural heritage. In the plane, the PLA and the coasts this is rather rare. The advantages are the many hours of sunshine, which shed special light on the island especially in the winter and turn the island into a green oasis.

Lawns and trees, Plains, valleys and mountains appear in a very special light in winter, which is for some creative inspiration. Since many hotels in winter on the island closed, the ideal accommodation is a cosy Finca. Make sure when choosing your accommodation for the winter on a central heating or air conditioning hot/cold. This is already in many homes, but still no standard! And at night, temperatures around freezing point are quite possible. The Finca has still a cozy fireplace, nothing in the way is a relaxing holiday. Then, with own car, you can discover the diversity of the island. Something there for everyone. Many museums are located in Palma and those who are more interested in the history of the Mediterranean island, is there too many options.

Sights, allowing barely to visit in the summer, because crowds flock there otherwise, work in the winter to almost cosy and family. Is in winter much more intensively enjoy the many caves on Mallorca or the aquarium or even SA Calobra, who let famous Gorge. Mallorca has slightly fallen asleep in the winter in many places the sidewalks seem folded up. This fact is however, that attracts many tourists seeking relaxation. Also the winter on Mallorca is increasing more and more. Increasingly, professionals who can do your job on the Internet, use this possibility. There are already a lot of homeowners who respond and equip your House with WiFi. Mallorca is populated not only by retirees so in winter as it haunts around in many minds. All, the deceleration in your life need are looking for a diverse environment in gorgeous colors, for which Mallorca is the ideal place in the winter.


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