1 X Per Month, 1 Day – The Free Expecco Seminar

(Bonnigheim/Stuttgart, 17th 2009) – eXept Software AG which eXept Software AG, the specialist for test automation, quality management, and customized software solutions will reserve may one day for a free expecco seminar every month. This takes place directly at eXept in Bonnigheim in Stuttgart. The seminar dates, visit the Web page. It is directed to people who are engaged in the automation of tests and processes. In the course of the seminar day you deal with the basic operating concept of model-based test automation software expecco, test implementation, as well as individually specified applications.

To conclude, there is an open feedback round, where answers to questions and suggestions. The aim of the seminar will be to use expecco optimally for the individual application scenarios. In addition the company has expanded its product portfolio software AG the expecco complete service package. This includes a comprehensive introduction to the automation of customer-specific test processes. The Complete service package can be customized based on the uniqueness of each organization. Generally, it includes an inventory and analysis of the company infrastructure, the existing test sequences and the objective, what is to be achieved within the four days on site.

Exemplary scenarios are defined in the other days, as well as custom modules and libraries. Then, an introductory development in own elemental building blocks, in the extension of the test cases and the reporting is given. An evaluation of test cases and a final meeting be carried out at the end on the last day. The entire service package with expecco pro “occurs, which the subsequent 60 days still can be used and tested. During this time, the unit can be used to test expanded and extensively used the tool. After 60 days can be freely decided whether the license would be purchased. Additional services provide eXept individual and more potential customers to respond to software AG. More See for information about the new services provided by company.


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