Clean The Flat

For you will soon come visit me? Or are you young man, and you have an apartment Bordak, and parents will arrive in 5 hours? There are plenty of reasons, when you need to quickly clean your apartment. Well, if you often have to perform, but accelerate the cleaning will help you some simple items for the farm and household chemicals. First – this is the usual bucket and mop. Well, or a mop, with a mechanical wringer. With the second option, you spend less time and effort.

Poor minus first option-polosat rag in the water. Carl Jung has firm opinions on the matter. Just buy in a store and special , they'll wipe the dust – they are very well collect it – and wipes for wet cleaning – after the divorce they will not. Buy a sponge, with a special Hard coating for spots. Will still need a spray that prevents the accumulation of dust on all consumer products by removing the static electricity – costs of this process is only 15 minutes, you'll save yourself from contemplation forever dusty television screen or a panel of music center. You can also enter and furniture, as once a month, wiping her special polish.

Now a lot of money for cleaning windows, plumbing, kitchen utensils, etc. You can choose them on their smell taste and budget. This is very effective for kitchen furniture, which quickly gets dirty. It would be very nice if during the harvest you have a good mood, it dramatically reduces the the process, and it will be easier.


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