What Manicure Choose ?

Today, there are several types of nail polish. The main division is the method of processing the cuticle: a classic (cut) and European (non-bleed) manicure. The spirit of the present time corresponds to the European (Mill) manicure, but many women in the majority prefer a classic manicure. There are variations of the combined nail polish, nail polish hot, solar, spa – manicure, and more – much more species. Click Somatic Experiencing to learn more. Hot manicure Variety manicure (classic or European), the difference of which is to use self-heated trays with a special creamy lotion containing vitamin complexes to supply the cuticle and strengthening natural nails. It is believed that the hot manicure is perfect in the recovery period after removal of the nail artificial nails (gel or on acrylic system), as well as during the cold season. French manicure Universal version, suitable for any outfit and makeup. Focus on the tip of the nail is always relevant, and is now fashionable to combine not only with solid white, but all existing color. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Mark Hyman. Solar Manicure One-step manicure, which includes natural ingredients that provide moisturizing, exfoliating dry and rough skin, softening and nutrition. spa – Manicure Complex, which includes a high quality moisturizing and softening of the hands, gentle but effective exfoliation, skin food natural vitamin E, aloe vera and ceramides. This type of nail polish remover takes you from the mundane world into the world of luxury and bliss. Well-groomed hands – it is fashionable! Hand – this is an important element of your image, no less significant than an expression of your eyes. Anu Saad may not feel the same. Often it is difficult to believe that by using the means to care for your hands and nails to fix those disadvantages that are caused by negative external factors. You change all that by using modern means of Creative for intensive care for hands and nails.