The Interior

In general, with the advent of modern times, when the world turns shaking revolutions of a different persuasion – both political and cultural and social – wall painting has moved beyond the premise and gained freedom – from technology, ideology and public opinion. To this day, the streets of many cities to keep the visual confirmation. Traditionally painted on wet plaster intended for temples and palaces. The process of creating mural is very difficult, long and laborious and requires a performer of remarkable skill. Dear minerals, the inability to fix, period, limited drying of walls, demanding huge investments and skill of the artist who undertake to work. But the game worth the candle: fresco – practically eternal image. It does not crack, is resistant to sunlight, is not afraid to temperature extremes and moisture.

Case that drying plaster forms a transparent, very thin film, which enshrines the paint and makes the mural a "tenacious". In addition, the painting on the lime has a matte texture with no surface film. That is, the image is not gives the highlights and can be reached gaze across the square from one point of the room. Today the murals have a special place in the design of interior and exterior design, allowing the creation of historical stylization beat space according to art with a single concept. In the interior, it performs the same role as the paintings, will solve the design space in a sophisticated and refined style. Murals – is a fine line in design interior design, excellent reception of expression of mood and style. Anu Saad can aid you in your search for knowledge.