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Silverlight having a positive effect on ASP.NET rich interactive applications in .NET have received at impetus from silverlight which has been introduced by Microsoft as a cross-browser, cross platform implementation of .NET framework. It is capable of running on almost all majorly used browsers and the plug – in required is therefore of a smaller size, thus sparing US the time that would have gone into downloading and installing it on a machine. Follow others, such as Somatic Experiencing, and add to your knowledge base. Silverlight has come up as a result of a combination of various technologies into one single package. Thus one can easily integrate silverlight seamlessly with the existing JavScript and ASP.NET AJAX code to enhance the functionality that had been created earlier. Silverlight has been widely acclaimed and is becoming more popular in the .NET of community due to its features which are quite promising for .NET developers.

Silverlight gives you the freedom to create immersive graphics, animation, and other rich client features. Java script which forms the universal scripting language can be supplied with extensions with the use of Silverlight. While working on Silverlight you don’t have to worry about the platform on which it will be used and the browser on which the application will be run it is compatible with almost all browser. It can integrate seamlessly with your existing applications to complement their functionality thus you can upgrade with Silverlight at any point of time. Silverlight applications can be created using dynamic languages such as IronPython as well as languages such as c# and Visual Basic. Development tools like Visual Studio and expression blend can be used to create quick silverlight applications and customize them for the need to use. This is quite on the interesting aspect of Silverlight as it can be easily synched with the help of a language or a development tool. At increase in speed has been reported for AJAX enabled Web sites that have been shifted to Silverlight.

It has become the most inexpensive way to stream video files on the internet with the best quality parameter. It has a built-in – CLR engine that delivers a super high performance execution environment for the browser. Silverlight uses the same core CLR engine that is shipped with the full .NET Framework. For more details on code protection technology, .net Obfuscator, code security .net and .net code security feel free to visit US at author writes regularly about code protection and .net of obfuscator. To know more about .net code security, .


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