A trial is not a one-way street. It is suitable for both sides, to help determine whether you are suited for each other. If you abide by the rules, it should be no problem to get through the first three or six months and to be taken over by the new employer. This is also your personality in the critical eye in addition to the technical skills. Go bed early on the eve. Not even the cups up on the new job. The worst entry is big eyes and an alcohol breath. Even if the favorite team to win the Cup: say goodbye to and from home.

Check out whether you have all the necessities for the first day. You can use everything, only no hassle of time window in the early morning in the search for the required material. Hectic stains and sweats are pre-programmed. Place your fresh clothes are ironed out, best on a hanger against ugly crease in shirt and pants. And Please clean shoes to do so. You have left the route several times For more security.

Calculate a time buffer. It may cause unpleasant delays always in the morning rush hour. And you must know where you certainly get a parking lot, otherwise the search eats up the time and your nerves after that. Use train or bus, rather an earlier take. Already on the first day, too late, is also a no go\”. Can’t do that. Be on time! Arrived in the companies imagine briefly and without arrogance at the gatekeeper, no matter on which level you go! You start basically open and friendly, the people looking at you will encounter. With a friendly greeting, of course. Press not each of a cartridge of resume in the ear and how happy you are to be allowed to work here. Arrived at the new place of work get structures and competences explain.


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