Trips In Hot Air Balloon

They say that the man’s dream to fly has been since time immemorial. To be able to contemplate from a unique point of view everything around you is the best way to spend the day. Since a few years ago, many cities in Spain, several companies have approached the public the ability to view, to view bird, the physiology of our cities and landscapes. Give travel balloon in Seville, contemplate its villages, from 300 metres in height is now possible. But many are wondering: is it safe? Air balloon flight is, all forms of flying has been designed by man, which involves less risk. The professionals who lead this type of boats, know that for canvas lift the flight, the weather conditions must be suitable. They say those who have tried this experience, that the most surprising thing of all is the tranquillity that gives off the environment. Unlike that fly hot air balloon rides in aircraft, where engines flooded the ears of passengers, produce, in those who have tested this experience, a feeling of calmness. The first flight of a man on Earth was recorded in 1789, in France. 200 years later, fly in hot air balloon in Seville or any other city of Spain, has never been so easy and affordable. If you like to try new things, activities out of the ordinary and have a camera on hand, rise above the fields and villages will provide you the dose of adventure just to burn in your memory and that of your loved ones an unforgettable experience