Happiness V Stress

Many times our daily life makes us unconsciously hunted by the web of social networks, the network that is working right, have stress, receiving and problems, having pressure and rush around social network that we have marking and taught from the beginning of our learning here. Sometimes we are so involved in the web that we have forgotten the Self, we forget ourselves, so we should get out of this network, we afford to stop, even a few minutes a day and even have those few minutes for us to free our minds this routine in which we are involved. Our mind is energy, mental energy, and it resides in our brain called the physical part. We can say that the mind, generally speaking, has three parts, the conscious, subconscious and unconscious or infra. Part of the energy that we take during the day are to our minds, and some go to the conscious and the subconscious are all well, but sometimes bypassing the conscious. These energies can be positive or negative, but in the social network that we are usually, these energies are usually negative, and so are recorded in our minds. These negative energies do two things, or create an ego or disease, or added to an ego or illness we already have and make it bigger. Both are bad for us, and bearing in mind that this energy is often not even pass through the conscious, well let us realize that our mind fills with negativity for no reason.

For that reason, it is good, and even more, it is necessary to stop and take a few minutes for us. We relax our bodies and our minds, we should meditate to get to our being, we delve into ourselves to be eliminated those psychic aggregates, these egos and diseases that have, either to heal or prevent. Many egos or diseases are latent in us, in our subconscious and even deeper in our subconscious, but have not yet reached our physical body and never will like, but to avoid damage, it is necessary not only to heal our egos or diseases that we know, but we must go further, more to the depth of our mind, to cleanse and heal our wildest egos, this will avoid that at some point can reach us conscience and manifest in our physical. A good therapy for our being, is a escapara of the city, and find that inner calm in nature. Being in silence, surrounded by nature, drawing attention to a stone, a flower, an animal, a tree Hug a Tree ynunca what have you done? Feeling its essence, its elemental, feel part of nature, feel free.

We recommend you at every opportunity you have, you escapeisa a nature, a forest, a field, mountains, and feel, feel, and feel. Spend a morning in nature, be silent, relax your body and your mind, meditate and observe, feel part of the basics of nature, feel like a part of real life. Francesc. Spiritual Center Atlantis -.