Training Athletes

Vlasov, a number of special strength training records of the great late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries remained in the integrity and to this day, and besides, we are interested not so much the athletic and recreational sports system, but the ideas embodied in them. Yes. Of course, these ideas are in one way or another, in one form or another and moved in later systems, but. perhaps interesting to see them in original form. And yet another reason why we are attracted by characteristic training athletes past a lot, even fluent. Known figure of Soviet culture B. Shklovsky reminisces about his meeting with the great Poddubny eve of World War ii. He was struck by the powerful to become ('Champion of Champions ", its easy and free movements and, more importantly, what he continues to participate in wrestling championships.

Genuine surprise, the writer asked: "Is it possible to fight in 70 years? '." With his characteristic humor Ivan Maximovich said: "To fight in 70 years is impossible. But to show how to fight, you can. Wrestlers I respect and do not offend the old man. Well, if One minute I can be stronger than any fighter of the world – and as much as necessary ". And in the mid 20's, Ivan Poddubny first Soviet athletes went abroad. In 1925 he arrived in New York. Athlete was the 56 th year (!). Ahead for a serious fight, and before you give permission to the pa performance as a man of venerable age, he shook the medical and sports commission.