Setting Boundaries

Consider whether it is worthwhile to get angry. First count to ten and breathe deeply. Choose your moment: Every human being has the right to choose the time to be in solitude and time to be with friends, with boyfriend (a), with the husband (a), or with family; is you who must decide without this leading to some reasons enfranchisement.a Outside Ti: Confidence: When we are perceived as trustworthy, others will be willing to be honest and open with us. Di honestly praise. It accepts and respects the differences. Respect your borders and boundaries of others. Play more: Make the time fun a priority, today and every day. It’s good to play with the kids sometimes.

Motivate yourself with the work you do, laugh at yourself if you want, laugh alone … laugh alone is not crazy when one is aware of what motivates him laugh. Learn to really listen: Most people believe listening, yet very few know how to do really. The best conversationalist is one who can really listen. Stop making comparisons: Neither of yourself with others. Neither of those with others. If you want to call attention to someone do it in private. Forgive and forget: Forgiveness does not excuse the behavior.

It does not mean approval. Rather, it means being willing to do with compassion. The person who hurt you probably did what he did for his own weakness and limitations. Reaches out and connects: Make a list of the most important people in life do you know how important they are for you?, When was the last time you wrote or called? Find a common interest with people who are important to you. Setting Boundaries: Ask permission before crossing the border, you must understand that all people have an inner world that we must respect and must not transfer to memos that they allow us. Responsibility is yours, mine and ours: Responsibility means being willing to respond and be able to. If something goes wrong, distinguishes what is your responsibility and that of others. Note the connections: to reach out and connect with others gives us a sense of comfort and support. The good humor and pleasant to enable us to reach more and make more friends.