Traffic Signals – An Unknown But Effective Aid

For greater independence and safety in everyday life! What can you do if a deaf or deaf person can no longer hear the door bell? The solution is as simple as it is ingenious: the acoustic signal is converted into an optical. This is done by means of a light signalling system! This system absorbs the acoustic signal, for example the doorbell, and sends it to a corresponding receiver, which can be in another room. This receiver then displays Flash of light or vibration, it rang. If due to a present hearing the doorbell can no longer belongs, is an obligation for traffic signals on the part of the health insurance companies. “This has the Federal Social Court in several judgments of principle (E.g.

AZ. 3/8 BK 25/87) decided and justified: due to the fire hazard also an impaired in his apartment must be accessible”. A related site: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City mentions similar findings. Especially in the area of the light signal system there is a great lack of information”, says Petra monastery Niedermann, vet and Audio therapist. The lights are designed to allow hearing-impaired and deaf people more independence. The security to have that Miss no signal, is an enormous increase in quality of life.” Light signals can be through a variety of transmitter and receiver.

Here are such as a baby monitor, a telephone transmitter or a strobe light alarm clock available. Even if a hearing aid is already worn, a light signalling system can be requested in addition. To do this, a recipe of the ENT, as well as the cost estimate are needed. We help our customers like to make the right transmitter and receiver modules together”, continue to Petra monastery Niedermann. According to the respective customer wishes we create the individual cost estimate for the health insurance.” Finally, it should be mentioned that lights are aid within the meaning of the list of AIDS of the health insurance and therefore don’t burden the doctor’s drug budget ( 84 SGB V). Contact person: Petra monastery Niedermann CEO hangover Berger str. 107 45327 food phone: 02 01 6 48 04 11 fax: 02 01 6 48 04 12 E-Mail:


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