The Misogynistic Which Hates A Las Mujeres

He is a man who hates everything that has to do with women and the feminine in his emotional life uses only the to give free rein to their contempt and rejection. The misogynistic feels superior to anything that has to do with an intimation of what is feminine. Destructive style that sets in their relations leaves ravages of importance in the life of his wife. And of course, in the family. However, it depends on them irreparably, you need them to be able to hate, to be able to unleash his fury and his rejection. That complicated live as contradictory Psychology: I need you because I hate you or I also hate you because I need you to what you need a misogynistic to a woman:-to attack it, hurt her and collect their mere existence. -To punish her and make you feel that he is a despicable being. My words may perhaps cause you uneasiness, but the behaviors and feelings need to call them by their name.

The woman hater does not choose a series of women, seeks only one to teach you who’s who in life. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. The life with a misogynistic always begets violence, harassment and also great suffering and pain. In its highest expression and pathology are those that end up be wreaking and murdering women. Of course, extreme cases. But let’s get to the life of every day. The misogynistic are lying in wait to kill anything that the couple you pleasure.

It doesn’t matter if it is going to the cinema, watch a sunset, on vacation or walk the dog. Importantly, kill the enjoyment, desire, and the desire to live. Of course the women of the misogynistic always found or to the edge of madness or scratching the stress, depression, anxiety and a great fear and panic against the reactions of his unhappy love.