Discussion of the influence of braces on oral hygiene – one of the pressing issues among dentists. It is known that the cleansing of the lateral surfaces of the teeth is very important, namely, between the teeth, food debris accumulate and cause tooth decay and gum disease, oral hygiene is so necessarily imply the use of dental floss, but braces are very difficult for this process, since the gap between his teeth blocked by a wire arc. Food can get stuck between the wire and the tooth, causing tooth decay. Now produce a special device allowing to push the thread between the wire and the tooth, but it's not always easy to buy. So you have tormented trying to push a thread or simply do nothing worsening with each passing day their teeth. To facilitate device thread – a plastic thread with a large eye, can damage the gums during the procedure and an inexperienced man delivers a lot of trouble. But over time the skills are developed and the patient with braces cleverly and skillfully inserts the thread between his teeth. Recall again, cleaning teeth floss while wearing braces – is absolutely necessary procedure, its importance can not be belittle. Your dental health in your hands.