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If the check indicates that the small clinic has a good health, then we must consider other alternatives. – How does the child with his peers? Sometimes children do not have a good relationship with peers, discuss, fight, and not find a way to resolve the situation. – Do you feel safe at school or can be found harassed or intimidated by anyone? – Can complete the task alone or need further assistance to do so? Do I have the suspicion that my child has a learning disability? – How to see your emotional state? Do you perceive anxious, depressed, decentralized, with fears? – Are there causes of stress in the family? “Labor disputes of parents, divorce, death of a close relative? It is essential to identify the cause of the problem to take immediate action in order to prevent further difficulties. Working together parents, doctors, school personnel and mental health professionals will help to decide the type of intervention required. What I can do as a mom or dad of a child who refuses to go to school? – Do not cry, angry or threatening the child. It can be an immediate solution, but does not remedy the situation in the long term. The interest in what happens, dialogue, restraint and encouragement, will contribute to a successful resolution of the problem. – If you pretend illness, to create ambit disease: stay bed, no visits from friends, not playing with the computer, eating snacks, etc. Dr Jee Hyun Kim often addresses the matter in his writings.

– If the disease has been ruled out, the child must attend school. – Praise the comments and positive behaviors in relation to school. Ignore the negatives. – Establish routines: best, if they start the night before. Leave your backpack ready, all the clothes ready in a way that does not make lose time, take bath, set a schedule to go to bed and sleep, etc., Are practices that encourage change. – Tell the child exactly what will happen without eliminating anything whatsoever. If you must remain in school full time, do not say a it is only rational .

If we say that we go to find out who we really us and not somebody else. – Discuss what is happening with your class teacher or school office staff. When to seek professional help? – If we find that our son is not happy, sad, experience symptoms physical before going to school, have trouble sleeping or learning difficulties. – If you as parents recognize that the situation we find ourselves not exceeded and the method of settlement. Remember: ask for help not a sign of debility quite the opposite. And the bottom line: give our son all our love and care. Psychology and a BA and Ontological Coach. Diaphus Director Consultants – Personal and Business Development, a company that provides consulting, training, psychotherapy and coaching. Former teacher of General Psychology Chair UdeMM. He has taught courses, seminars and workshops on coaching, leadership, time management, stress management, anger management, quality of life and effective communication, among others. She is the author of the online course found on the web “The Art of Managing Chronic Anger and Cranky” and “Coaching Strategies for Health Professionals.” He has written articles related to health and quality of life that can be read on the Internet. She was interviewed by various print and television.