Medical Management

Providers of Health and Business Offices Doctors Luis Manrique (Superintendent of Business Health Providers) has argued that in Peru each year are spent six billion soles of which 2500 million soles comprised of costs that people do, out of pocket, to go particular doctor, pay analysis, ultrasound, etc. buy drugs, according to official said this cost is expensive and inefficient. (Medical Management! 02/08/1998). This, of course, is a harsh comment against private medical clinics (such as. System) that deserves a response from the College and the Federation, but at the same time draws the magnitude of the ambition of the EPS, is a rich market of two thousand hundred billion suns in a year and this market is currently the clinics, medical centers, private offices, popular topics, so clearly there is a clash of interests looms. On one side are the EPS (with all in favor state support, millions in investments, associated symptoms, intense propaganda, etc.).

side and other people's clinics, medical centers and private doctors. The EPS not only try to recruit workers stable of companies or factories (Competing in this area with IPSS) but they tried to recruit the vendors, minibus operators, hairdressers, accountants, lawyers, small artisans, merchants, cobblers, chupeteros, Iran house to house, gallery in the gallery, from business to business offering optional health plans in an attempt to seize the market in 2500 million soles per year, a market that has traditionally belonged to doctors individually or collectively (Clinics). This unequal confrontation is already a reality, as there are currently three consortia of investors who have requested to be declared eligible for its EPS is estimated in June-July this year began the millionaire campaign for radio, TV, newspapers and thousands of developers on-street will shake the trembling and clinics, so people's health becomes a business for investors, cornering the true protagonist of the peliculau the doctor, to live on his salary (measly by the way) or deyy the crumbs that clinics associated with accelerating EPS give them the irreversible process of proletarianization of the once vain doctor even side is the immense effort it means to be a doctor, specialty, be masters or doctoraos capitalist interests of the EPS to take the cheap medical workforce that exists in abundance in the market. Alternatives ancestrally, as claimed by Louis Portes, doctor-patient relationship is a relationship of awareness and confidence, ie the patient comes to a clinic because he has confidence in this doctor and this in turn respond consciously to such liability (Studying cases, hitting the treatment, charging fair fees, etc.). this is the steel wall of the EPS will be difficult to break down, while the rich market in 2500 million soles a year has opened the appetite for these gentlemen, will not be easy swallow, because in between is the close and strong relationship that the doctor has with his patients in the private market, in between the duo are ethics awareness and confidence in any case this will be tested relationship, the expected EPS seize this market even partially doctors (three years have been drawn as a goal) we will defend ourselves conscientiously exercise our profession in the free market is a sad and unfair way to end the century for a profession as sublime and selfless as medicine but already unsheathed their swords and just to say "Sales feli temporis" (Truth is the daughter of time).