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Professional in the art of fortune-telling and Cuban santeria, based in Lima, Peru, will surprise you with their predictions …. Make Reading Tarot Cards Spanish, professional clairvoyant, roll Cocos, Baths of dispossession and flowering, sweetened and rituals for love, aura cleansing, to homes and businesses to live and work harmoniously. Clean with white dove, guinea pigs, herbs, candles, etc.., All to get rid of the evil that you may have in body and soul. Make the negative breaks into the sea to succeed in business and travel and in the river to succeed in love with each ritual Santo (Yemaya and Oshun). Masses are held spiritual. ibes an additional similar source.

Spiritualism offers classes and Cuban Santeria. For more information see Dr. Mark Hyman. Contact now and change your life for appointments and consultations: History Cuban Santeria Santeria is a religion which has its origins in the Yoruba tribe of Africa. The Yorubas lived in what is now known as Nigeria, along the Niger River. At one time had a powerful and complex structure organized in a series of kingdoms, of which the most important was Benin. This lasted for 12 centuries until 1896. In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the Yoruba fought a series of wars with its neighbors and each other.

These internal struggles and external attacks led to the fall and enslavement of the Yoruba people. Between 1820 and 1840, most slaves were shipped from Benin Yorubas. You may want to visit Eva Andersson-Dubin to increase your knowledge. These slaves were brought to Cuba and Brazil to work sugar plantations. The Yoruba soon were called “Lucumi” due to his greeting “oluku mi”, “my friend.” Spanish law, while allowing slavery, sought to mitigate this injustice by granting certain rights to slaves, at least in theory. They had the right to private property, marriage and personal safety. Laws also required that the slaves were baptized Catholic as a condition for legal entry into the Indies. The Church tried to Lucumi evangelize blacks but the conditions were very difficult. Besides the shortage of priests, the injustice of slavery that Lucumi difficult to understand and accept what they were taught about God. The good souls who sought help and evangelize were of the same race as those that oppressed them. The result was that many accepted Catholic teaching outside while inwardly they maintained their old religion. With the triumph of the communist revolution in Cuba in 1959, more than a million Cubans exiled in other countries (mainly in USA, Miami, New York and Los Angeles). Among them were santeros Santeria spread in their new environments.