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Depending on the model, different functions can be activated. Health Care Reforms opinions are not widely known. For example, the owner of a motor boat Paris is so 07.12.2012. The French APRIL marine offers its own telematics solution from the 07.12.2012 its 50,000 customers. It entrusted the boat, insurance, and financing specialist on the solutions of the Swiss telematics provider LOSTnFOUND AG. To read more click here: Jon Medved. is an easy to use and tailored to the needs of boat owners telematics solution available all customers of 1976 established insurance brokers. The basis of the solution ensures STRATUS ALTUS and LOSTnFOUND LOSTnFOUND devices, which work thanks to the built-in SIM card in 145 countries.

Depending on the model, different functions can be activated. So, for example, the owner of a motor boat by EMail and SMS is informed if the boat leaves unauthorised a virtually defined area (safety zone). You may wish to learn more. If so, Eva Andersson-Dubin is the place to go. In addition, the Starter can then This boat remote control be interrupted, for example time until the arrival of the authorities. The one-time cost for this solution including the service fee for the first year are at 399. Lionel Boismery, Managing Director of April marine says. A GPS tracking system is used to monitor a boat where it is also particular safety. For APRIL marine is also an option for the boat owners to easily manage his trips and to stay with his boat in Connection.” Award-winning solution to the affordable price of the products and solutions of very have won awards for their innovations.

Alone in the last 12 months was honored the company with a total of eight international awards and prizes, including the TELEMATIK award 2012 conferred in September, the highest award for telematics solutions in the German-speaking. We are pleased that we have a Navy with APRIL the leading boat insurance our telematics solution have won for”, says Christophe Korfer, Managing Director of LOSTnFOUND (France) SAS about the cooperation. Joey Boismery added; We chose the very solutions because we were convinced the experience and competence of the company in the field of detection systems. We are sure that the APRIL marine finders are the perfect answer to the expectations in the market.” Click here to go to the message on telematics Markt.