Social Media

We've been saying for some time, if our potential customers are in social media, that's where we also want to be. The basic concept is to build community. The supply of sites, interests and issues is endless. Therefore, as a basis, we should resign ourselves that we can not cover the entire universe of Internet users, no matter how general it seems to us that our service or product. l’>Saudi Aramco. We can not aspire to be Coca-cola, or Mac Donnald's, universal presence. Thus, small differences are what tip the selection by the sites users.

In the absence of unique niches, but each and every one of the activities there are many providers that offer basically the same service are the little details that make a site to be encouraged rather than another. It may be that we provide the service in Spanish, or that our interface is more friendly, or geographical proximity. Any of these factors and many others, which sometimes do not suspect, determined that we preferred before our competitors. The reputation online is one of these factors. The presence in social networks is one of the most effective tools to get closer to sales prospects, meet, interact with them, get feedback and provide added value to our product, whether through product support, or supply quality content for our users. So, be in social media is good. But now, it has added another incentive, which makes the presence in social networks is essential not only to achieve the above objectives, but to get better.

It is the new search feature real-time Google has recently added, called Google Hot Trends. It really is something wonderful and exciting. Thanks to the agreement that Google signed with Twitter and Facebook, tweets and Facebook entries are beginning to be indexed as well. This means that all those times you took the time to participate with a tweet, for example, sharing an article or responding to a comment from another user, is material to be indexed by Google. The following test. Open Twitter, and see what are the most popular terms (on the home, even before logging in) and find them in Google. Display the finder sidebar, "More Options" and click "Recent Results, last hour." You will see the tweets of the users begin to appear instantly. I bet you also would like your link listed in this way was "instantaneous." And it is easy to reach. Achieved popularity in social networks, and you will be there. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source