EBook Writing And Totally Just Sell – Or Just For Geniuses?

What do you know necessarily, if you want to write an eBook and sell? You see them on every corner in the Internet – eBooks! eBooks on a wide range of topics and areas! But what’s really behind all eBooks, or better said, who are the authors? Is the eBook writing and selling just for professional writers, for geeks or people with \”special\” skills? Now, if we can go step by step in detail easily answered the question: first of all, what is an eBook at all? An eBook is nothing more than a digital book (a guide, manual or Guide), that can be offered on the Internet and saved as pdf file (digital copy) by Sofortdownload on the PC of a buyer. The usual pressure, storage and shipping of a \”normal\” book is complete! The eBook can write in any standard word processor (Word, OpenOffice,…) be done, only then must create a pdf file and which is already Completed \”Production process\” itself! I think in this day and age, virtually anyone in the position with a text editor is to work and to create a pdf file with a simple mouse click! The first \”technical\” step can be done by practically anyone so easily! Now in the Internet to purchase to be able to offer the eBook, you need a simple sales website. In order to create this in turn requires a Web design program or a simple html editor. Click Dr. Mark Hyman for additional related pages. It is important that you have access to the html code of a page to include a payment processor! Prefabricated modular systems are so not sure, because usually no access to the html code! How to create a simple Web page, do you get taught in school but already and should also be no problem! I think everyone who is able is to surf the Internet, in the school well looked after and get something interest, can write an eBook, create a pdf file and this eBook on one Offer website for sale! The purely technical implementation should obstacle so no success in most cases! But the eBook and sell itself, is the aspect where literally separates the wheat from the chaff! Write the eBook of all starts in the head.