Series Music

Introduction of new beautiful, romantic songs heard less and less all my life I love melodic music and nice songs: listen, play, sing, compose. But recently started noticing that I have heard of the new music share Weight is really beautiful, romantic, rhythmic songs and melodies became significantly less than before. What is wrong with the talented composers, poets and songwriters? Why? Did fail Land talents? Or maybe I just older and no longer adequately perceive modern music and songs? Or violently shoved me every step of a dubious consumer goods? And if not stalled enthusiasm among really talented composers and poets to writing of “pearls”?

And how do composing new music and songs? What can I do to good, the beautiful new music was more and that she was hearing? How to enable dozing while the potential of writing music and songs of our people? Songwriter, composer Vladimir : ask questions first myself all these questions, I – songwriter, composer Vladimir have long been asking myself as a music lover, and as a songwriter and instrumental works, and as a citizen, and, finally, as a scientist who loves to analyze, compare, to lay all on the shelves. Systematize knowledge and to act together for the prosperity of beautiful music and songs I’m sure it’s time to organize their own and others’ thoughts and knowledge to share and exchange them with a wider audience of colleagues, music lovers who are concerned by similar issues, to hear and discuss together their views and suggestions..