Secretary Month

A 1.87% with respect to the month descend from April. The number of unemployed is placed in 4.189.659 of people. The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the services use public (old INEM) was placed when finalizing May in 4,18 million people, after lowering in 79.701 unemployed ones, with a percentage reduction of 1.87% with respect to the month of April, informed east Thursday the Ministry into Work and Immigration. In particular, the total volume of unemployed reached in May the number of 4.189.659 unemployed ones, after registering the second greater reduction of unemployment in a month of May from 2006. Of this form, the second fall of unemployment is registered from December of 2010, when it lowered in 10.221 people. The Secretary of State of Use, Mari Light Rodriguez, emphasized that she is a positive data that animates to the Government to continue working, because still the people are many to whom she is due to help to prepare itself to return to the work market. According to she said, the data of May unemployment reflect one " slope generalizada" , since it has done it so much in women as in men, in all the sections of age and the totality of the sectors. Unemployment lowered in May in both sexes, although more between the men, when being reduced in 55.890 (- 2.64%), in front of a slope of feminine unemployment in 23.811 men (- 1.11%), being placed the total of men in unemployment in 2.064.581 and the one of women, in 2.125.078. Source of the news: Unemployment lowered in May in 79.701 people, the second major fallen in this month from 1997