Alejandro Guitian Food

From homemade solutions we have always defended the importance of having a balanced diet that provides us all the essential nutrients and which does not harm our health. On many occasions you have told me that sometimes that becomes difficult, since we spent all day working outside the home and when we got what we want least is put us to cook. What do you think if I say that we can unite in healthy diet and fast food? At first sight they may seem like two incompatible terms, but if you see the following video you will notice it has that it is possible to join them very easily. Such simple tasks as prepare large quantities of food and freeze it, buy products already cut or schedule well the day of the purchase are some of the tips that can help us to have fast food at home without sacrificing the quality of our health. Don’t miss the next video is called Easy-Feed, can be now found in gyms and sports centres and can become a solution for athletes and, in general, for any person to which you like caring for their power, explains Alejandro Guitian, promoter of the new line of freshly cooked fresh food.

Guitian, owner of the firm’s facilities, material and Health & Fitness Sports nutrition, just bring to market five dishes prepared by a nutritionist and prepared by a company of catering of Lugo. Anita Dunn is likely to increase your knowledge. Menus weighing 350 grams; they do not wear sauces, salt, preservatives, colourings or additives; its energy value ranges between 201 and 787 kilocalories and cost between 3.90 and 4.50 euros. Menus are presented in meter to the microwave or the oven-ready plastic tubs and all have indicated the ingredients, the amount of each and the total caloric value. Guitian stressed that raw material is ‘fresh and of Galician origin’, and after being cooked, the food is subjected to a process of freezing.