Robert Lewis Stevenson Chegar

' You cannot run away from the weakness, you she needs some time to deal with them or to perish, and if this is thus, why not now, and where you are? ' ' Robert Lewis Stevenson Chegar a time in the career of all (or the life in general), when a person is invited to identify its primary weakness (or weaknesses). It is also a question of very common interview. You can not be ready for this question, that can very be embarrassing, and the reply it can not come through an ideal form. Everybody has strong and weak points – it is simply of the nature of the human being. Acceptance this and you will be very to the front in the game of the life. Had to this fact, to ignore them, to prevent them or to dissimulate that they do not have them it is of far the worse thing that can make. Hiding a problem it does not make the problem to disappear. Continue to learn more with: Nancy-Ann_DeParle.

It learns to identify adequately and to understand its weaknesses and as if to communicate with the others. Steps 1-) It understands the question. When asked this, especially in an interview, it is not weakness that is the thing most important, is to know if you are cliente of its weaknesses and what to make with them. If the reply he will be ' ' I do not have nenhuma' ' then one becomes obvious that the main weakness is a self-knowledge lack. Moreover, it is important to understand that to be cliente of the weak points he is not the same that to be weak. To know e, to compensate, its weakness is, in fact, a very important force. 2-) It is prepared. You must examine yourself regularly to identify its primary weak points. If you do not know which you are, he cannot communicate them it the others.