Mexican Government

To promote a movement how # Sonicas there must be information that allows to support the manifestation of discontent and that this in turn will help to decide correctly to the voters for the coming July 1st. There are different themes of the modern history of the country and which are sufficient reasons to not return to vote for the PRI, nor in this election or never again. Many of those themes are even scapegoater and media up to scary them treat. (Or does not suit them) Fortunately today there are social networks, blogs and forums; and other internet tools that carry these expressions without that nothing and no one obstruct them or tamper with them. Thanks to these tools, movements like the Arab spring or # Sonicas being a part water and a real counterweight in democracies.

Here are the 5 points of the history of the PRI that everyone in our country must know and that many, many politicians, businessmen and media people bother them to the depths: 1. FOBAPROA the Fobaproa is the triumph of private and official corruption in Mexico’s largest. Never, no Government, no Act represented greater corruption, nor caused big damage to Mexico and to the people of Mexico. 2. Student massacre of 68 2 October does not forget 3.-fall of the 1988 system information stopped reaching the PREP in the moment in which Cardenas had an advantage to Salinas.

This is the famous fall of the system. 4 UNIONISM now that it is fashionable to talk about teacher Elba Esther (Elba Esther Gordillo Morales is a policy and Mexican trade unionist, current lifetime President of the National Union of education workers (SNTE), charge that exerts since 1989.) Has also held the post of General Secretary of the CNOP (1996-2002) and the General Secretariat of the PRI, 1 member and founder of the party new Alliance (PANAL).2 3) and Quadri, we must not forget that trade unionism in Mexico He started and became so powerful in times of the PRI: the daughter of Romero Deschamps, trade union leader of PEMEX. (EPN defended it publicly) Mexican trade unionism: 5.-the devaluation of the Mexican peso DEVALUATIONS, consists of the loss of value suffered by the Mexican currency, mainly against the dollar over time. If you is not enough to punish the PRI’s lifetime, a little more investigating Ulises Ruiz, Mario Marin, VAT of 10% to 15% PC. help me to continue with this list


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