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History of development of small businesses and economy over the last nearly nine years in Russia at the moment has brought us, and this applies, as the ruling political elites, businessmen and ordinary citizens, the dismissal of which is increasing Every day, in addition to start to make some conclusions where to go, go or no go, and why to go. And, of course, with whom to go. Most in times of crisis, of course, will suffer large companies and people who worked in them. Nine years, Russia has been on ways to increase the state's role in the economy, creating a new class of people that serve those structures, and favored treatment for these people, the distribution of credit, raising their status. Small & Medium business was during this time is almost a social outcast. We can not say that for this time of small and medium-sized businesses did not say anything and do anything.

Only it all bore the character of the electoral soon, before the election, or for reporting. For reporting in most cases for small and medium business pressures increased. At the same time, all was quickly forgotten that in one degree or another have heard from various sources on the real economy and its true role in the economy and national life. And now the talking! Talking, because I always knew that the real economy of the least affected by the crisis. By the way, like all the previous nine years, the pressure on Small business soon grew. .