Psychological Counseling

One treats, therefore, to surpass the exclusively clinical and curative vision of Psychology and to offer services of promotion of the psychological and behavioural health. Counseling psychological works on interpersonal processes of positive growth, where the person can be developed and autorrealizar itself.It is on this aspiration of the optimal operation of the human being where the efforts of counseling are canalized psychological. As they suggest Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi (2000) the scientific society and revolutions within the Science of the Behavior ” they begin to catalyze a change in the approach from the psychology of the preoccupation centered only in the repair of the worse things than they also happen in the life towards the construction of qualities positivas”. PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING AND the PERSONAL AND FAMILIAR CHANGE In fact, autoeficacia can be one of the most powerful forces of change to our disposition. Nevertheless, often we do not know how to start up this autoeficacia.

It is there where the psychological advising and counseling direct to our forces and power our experiences to give rise to the personal and familiar change that will suppose a greater quality of life. BENEFITS OF THE PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ADVISING? To prevent the appearance with problems psychological. It begins here and now. To reduce the factors of risk associated to difficulties and psychopathologies. Dismunir of the consequences of psychological problems. To facilitate one better behavioural rehabilitation.

To promote the personal and familiar development. To look for the self-realization. For more information on counseling psychological and advising, to puncture here.