Dream Holiday Vacation In Puglia

No region of Italy can boast so much like Puglia coast km. By the Adriatic and the Ionian sea lapped region has a total of 800 kilometers of coastline. The section called before Ostuni Marina di Ostuni and is 17 km long. The respected Italian weekly magazine OGGI Ostuni was selected a few years ago in the nation with 102 Italian seaside resorts as the best Italian holiday destination. 2004 was the 10th Ostuni Consecutive year, the European award Bandiera blu (Blue Flag) for their excellent sea water quality. In 2007, again followed by the award.

Apulia – ideal for those who want to combine a beach holiday with a cultural holiday, especially in the South! Along this coastal strip from Ostuni is lined with several resorts. The center is at least geographically, the picturesque old fishing port of Villanova dar. Here there are bars where you can go have breakfast, bakery, seafood restaurants, pizzerias, etc. Even if you are not sure Villanova should be thought of as glamorous, one can in the summer months will see the one and the other yacht, for the crystal-clear sea also attracts many wealthy Italians and Europeans. In August there is a large holiday mode. The coast is very varied in Apulia. If it is in the northern area of Marina di Ostuni elongated sandy beaches are (Pilone, Rosa Marina), then the subsequent stretch of coast in the south (Lido Fontanelle, Costa Merlata) but increasingly characterized by bays.

Sandy bays alternately with rocks. Bizarre rock formations, ancient lighthouses, beaches lined with fragrant macchia mediterranea characterize the landscape. Not far from Ostuni, in the direction of Brindisi, is the Marine National Nature Reserve visitors. On the coast of Marina di Ostuni, there are relatively few hotels. The image is characterized more by holiday homes and apartments. Lido Fontanelle, Pilone and Monticelli, for example, clean, beautifully designed Mediterranean resorts. If one looks at the most demanding holiday accommodation sea, to rent so The offer is already scarce. There is not so much the mentality in Apulia of letting as in Tuscany and Umbria, where even castles and luxury cottages for rent. Those not Apulians who can afford to have exclusive houses on the sea – and incidentally, these are a few – use them mostly for themselves and their families in the summer and rent them. The vacation homes that are rented to serve on the other hand, usually only the investment and therefore they look then.