Personal Strategic Planning

I have some questions for you – What if we as individuals adapted and used some of the same proven processes and methods that have given companies the advantage they need to succeed in its competition? My sense is that understood and implemented correctly professionals would be able to gain the competitive advantage it. Surprisingly, this is not too complicated or new and I can not take credit for their development. But I can not (and will) credit for suggesting it out of the boardroom and adapt it for their personal use to achieve greater personal and professional success. This classic business tool is the process of Strategic Planning. Consider what you could accomplish if you have a clear vision of its short-term and long term, understanding that the biggest growth opportunity is now and where will be in five years and had a plan of action with effective measures for evaluation .. That is what a strategic plan can do for you. It’s like using a map for understanding best way to get across town knowing that others are several options, but some are more direct and efficient below. Strategic Planning is a deliberate intention that the progression of thought when implemented, will ensure its success.

I have taken the process broken into five steps. The first is the Vision? the sense of what you need to know the principle on which you want to end. Create a vivid mental picture of their future and the list of the specific results you want to accomplish. The second piece in the process is being prepared – strategically. To be strategic should be calculating, deliberate and intentional.

We’ve all heard the saying that knowledge is power, so this is the way to “power-up! Strategically incorporates the preparation of research, resources and identification of possible options in a wide range of concerns. As with a business plan, a plan of individuals should include a SWOT analysis. This step is critical because it identifies your “Strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. “Bearing in mind also an effective SWOT analysis can not develop without looking outside of yourself (or your company) to consider external conditions, such as industry and market conditions, technological developments, the available resources, potential opportunities, basic skills and globally. Step three involves creating your action plan. On the basis of what he knows now, what to do and how to do it. The fourth step is all about implementation. As Nike says “Just Do It.” Step five requires the ability to evaluate and adjust. This will not only help you to stay the course, but that promote continuous learning and improvement. Jeannette Kraar, president of Performance Management International is the leading trainer and a highly acclaimed trainer, speaker and consultant. Hundreds of PMI clients have succeeded even in the most turbulent times. Jeannette is the author of progress, the work of my hatred we need a life.