Project Management Software

Today, braintool software has officially released its new extension WebViewer. Bonnigheim / Stuttgart, June 14, 2010 – yet not long ago, in March of this year, has the software company of braintool software ( of Bonnigheim in Stuttgart the eleventh version of its project management software, A plan 2010, released. Here, the interface of the project designer received a much cleaner and modern design as well as a variety of improvements that further simplify the life of the project. With the latest extension, the Webviewer, braintool software with its planning tool now also on the Internet takes off. A plan, users will appreciate the advantages of our desktop solution and the possibility to be able to take the data simply offline”reveals Bernhard Reichl, head of development at braintool software. But increasingly expressed the desire to access mobile Central and up-to-date project information. Let’s therefore already for some time, as we do with our “Project management software can react to these requirements” as Reichl continued.

With the WebViewer, braintool software now offers the ability to view continually updated A plan project views and dates on special websites. This requires no additional installation on the device so that all required data is available even on Smartphones such as the iPhone or a Tablet PC. The project data are only accessible with a username and password-protected area which also no danger that data fall into unauthorized hands. The A-plan WebViewer was kept deliberately simple and dispenses with special modules, such as, for example, Flash, which does not support such as the iPad. This scheduling information can be represented with A plan of webviewer also on Linux or Apple PCs. The data is stored as a vector of A plan on normal websites at a customizable interval up to date. This allows supervisors, Stakeholders, production sites, branch offices, field staff, technicians, customers, suppliers, etc.


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