When speaking of food with slimming effects, in reality, it is not burning or dilute the fat. When we talk about thinning foods, we are talking about foods that are low in fat, calories. The truth is that there are foods that are typically advise in the slimming diets, because they help us to feel better, will encourage the Elimination of toxins, eliminate the waste that our body does not need. It is not enough to know how many calories are a kilo, but also knowing what to eat. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Mark Hyman, MD. Among these foods to lose weight are: garlic, lemons, onions, pineapple, artichoke, puresca, elk, green tea syrup some of these foods have a great cleansing or detoxifying, properties such as: carrot and tomato (also, are known for their anticancer properties); grapes (which are detoxifying); citrus fruits, which have a large amount of vitamin C; and juice of papaya, which possesses diuretic action. Some of these foods, even, are the protagonists of known monodietas, as it is the case with the diet artichoke – since a large intake of water and antioxidant properties, binds it together makes them ideal for losing weight. Anyway, when choosing food, we must bear in mind, that to lose weight, we must spend more calories that we consume. Weight loss the best is to follow a balanced diet and exercise.. Maya Dubin might disagree with that approach.