Nut Cracker Set With Grenobler Walnuts

Quality that arrives; because this is not a nut cracker set from any known or even unknown Christmas promotional gifts catalog. Credit: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.-2011. It starts immediately with the gift box, a fine corrugated cardboard in the series run in Classic Christmas red, other colors on request. Heart is a cup nut cracker made of solid metal. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City has to say. You are weighed with a rich half kilo of freshly harvested Grenobler walnuts, and the music CD with the Nutcracker Suite by Peter Ilyich Tschaikowski, helps Nutcracker males with their typical Erzgebirge shining on the cover the Christmas spirit. Some detailed information about the individual components of the Nutcracker set: Grenobler walnuts: traditionally you eat walnuts in this country for one harvest season in the autumn and winter months, the walnuts are among the typical Christmas sweets.

Hardly a gift table or plate without walnuts. Less than 5% of world production coming from the French Alps in the District of Grenoble. This market share is although very modestly, on the other hand is \”Grenobler walnut\” very high quality. The bright core of the nut is very characteristic for the exquisite quality. Due to a very careful breeding, it comes with the famous seal \”Noix de Grenoble a.o.c.\” on the market.

Due to the long maturation process with subsequent gentle drying, the fresh harvest is no earlier than mid-October available and spoiled the nut lovers with their special mild, delicate flavor. You can eat fresh walnuts not only to cheese and wine, the Verwert – usability is quite diverse. There are hundreds of recipes for baking and cooking, not least because of the health-promoting vitamins and minerals. Due to their content of unsaturated fatty acids, they are especially recommended for a cholesterol-conscious diet and Act thus heart gently. The vitamin protects the blood vessels, the vegetable protein also supplies the body with vitamin B, as well as the trace elements of iron and zinc.


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