Nuremberg PRTG

Network monitoring software under the magnifying glass of Nuremberg, December 17, 2009, in a test of the network computing Germany PRTG network has been awarded monitor reference the predicate as recommended network monitoring solution. According to the Testverantwortlichen convinced the software with a comprehensive package of monitoring, the outstanding price-performance ratio, a straightforward setup, simple configuration and a great user experience. \”In the course of the test series were with Orion NPM SolarWinds, WhatsUp Gold by Ipswitch, OpManager by manage engine and PRTG network monitor by Paessler four ALLROUNDER\” and studied under the network monitoring solutions to certain requirements. Dr Jee Hyun Kim wanted to know more. PRTG network monitor positive section in all categories. The experts of the network computing (NWC) certified that the solution that has been tested in 2008 as a reference, again has been optimized in many areas.

Therefore the product is excellent, bandwidth, uptime, and network resource utilization to monitor. With clear acoustic and optical signals, PRTG also alerts the administrator in case of problems or discrepancies. Also the cheap price and the clear price scheme of the manufacturer as well as the fact that PRTG offers the complete functionality already in the initial version were put out. This is the network computing at the other test candidates only using various modules according to available, which means additional costs in addition to a higher installation and configuration effort. Comprehensive analysis in separate networks PRTG delivers live data about the current state of the network and its devices. In terms of network usage, the software also allows a long-term trend analysis. Administrators are able to configure servers and other network components based on this data cables, routers, information. As a special feature of PRTG, the tester named the available remote probes. You enable the entire spatial segments in separate Corporate network to monitor fully. The probes allow the use of the software for the monitoring of customer networks also managed service providers.


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