Natural Stones

You picked up a stone. Maybe out of boredom, he can you are interested in something? Just realize that you are holding the universe. Yes, yes, he was born, along with our universe with the earth many millions of millions of years ago. What a pity that we have have not learned to read information from the stones, many interesting things we would know about our universe, our world. As all was conceived? How many civilizations have passed before us? We are not the first civilization. Many surviving artifacts confirm this. So primitive man also raises a stone, intrigued him with its brilliance, color and shape. Looks at him, admiring and decides to keep it. We are unconsciously drawn to the stones. Turquoise, agate, amethyst, malachite, lapis lazuli, fluorite and many other stones, wonderful for its patterns, colors, hidden in their secret, fascinate us. A semi-precious stones, precious stones with its brilliance, sparkling with all the variety of colors fascinate the eye. Fantastically rich people who can see the beauty of jewelry made from stones. People have long adorned themselves crafts from natural stone – beads, rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and amulets of course, and amulets. Man trying to artificially recreate the beauty of crystals, learn how to grow them, get songs that are not in nature. It is believed that there is a lucky stones, bringing happiness and well-being, affecting its fate. There are stones with a bad reputation, bringing grief to their owner, such a belief is accompanied by many famous diamonds, left a bloody mark on the history lyudey.Kamnyam credited with great influence on the person and the right stone "helps a person in his life, improving or correcting character traits, his state of health.