Hardening And Hot Water For Health

The closer cold, so unpleasant to think about hardening. It is much easier to convince yourself that the time lost, buy vitamins, wrapped in a warm blanket, sit next to the battery. And in vain: you have abandoned the very light and nice way to health. Because the main thing in tempering – fun. Step one: "Warm" The basic principle of tempering procedure: from simple to complex. Therefore, you can start with the easiest and enjoyable ways: hot rubdowns. Dampen a sponge, soft towel or glove with hot water, quickly wipe the whole body.

Hot water immediately evaporates, carrying away heat and cooling the skin. This is repeated several times. The higher the temperature of air and water, drier room, the intensive evaporation and cooling. Vessels, thus making the "charging": shrinking and expanding, adjustable heat, and as a result – an unexpected hypothermia triggered a protective reflex, prevents colds. However, precisely because of the ease and pleasantness of this procedure there is a risk it be carried away discreetly and supercooled. Therefore, the first few days wipe only the hands, and then you can move the whole body. Importantly – to avoid feeling chills. Once lost a sense of comfort – it is necessary to stop the procedure and rub the body dry with a towel.

Pay attention! Hot showers and hot rubdown – things are quite different. Standing under a hot shower, on the contrary, decreases muscle tone. It is therefore not recommended each day to wash with hot water – the facial skin quickly loses its elasticity.