This letter, drafted by French MEP and Professor Bernard Pierre Brochand SIRINELLI, creates a framework for collaboration among e-commerce sites and trademark owners to apply tools to combat the sale of Internet users counterfeit items online. Among the proposed measures, the sites agree to increase information and awareness of consumers and implement measures to enable early detection of fraudulent products. For his part, the trademark owners are committed to educate and exchange information with Internet portals to help them improve their detection tools. This Charter is the first of its kind in Europe that brings together Internet players and brands in different sectors (Luxury, Sport articles, etc). “We welcome the signing of this Letter is the realization of effective work done Price Minister * for several years in order to protect consumers, our customers and brands,” said Pierre KOSCIUSKO-MORIZET, President and Cofounder of Price Minister. “The collaboration between all parties now makes possible an effective fight against counterfeiting on the Internet.” That is even more necessary knowing that 26% of cyber-buyers expect better protection against counterfeiting on the Internet (or +9% compared to 2008) A study in November 2009 by Price Minister shows the types of article that the counterfeit detection system blocks in these pre-Christmas dates: Apple, Copy DVD and CD, Microsoft and Nike. Recall that on the occasion of which took place on June 16, 2009, Price Minister received the prize for the best company for their action against counterfeiting, by (GACG). Also Price Minister currently involved in ongoing work at the European Commission seeking to adopt a similar agreement covering all actors operating in different European countries. * Price Minister: Portal in France in August 2000 and specializes in buying and selling fixed-price guaranteed Object lowered new and second hand between individuals and professionals. Given the huge success of the company in the neighboring country, where it has become a benchmark of e-commerce, Price Minister decides to launch in 2007 the Spanish market, where it already has over one million monthly visits and a range of over 33 million products.