Integrated Signal Processing

Miniaturized JEN COLOR color sensor module for backlighting applications Jena the MAZeT GmbH, product and Designhaus for colour – and Spektralsensorik, expanded its extensive range of highly accurate solutions for the control of LEDs, as well as special developments for the light control. The leading provider of true color sensors, and sensor modules for the first time shows the newly developed true color sensor TIAM3 with integrated signal processing. He distinguishes itself by 4 programmable amplifier channels and the true color sensor. Compared to the ancestor type TIAM2 is the TIAM3 in a flat 33% housing. The low overall height and the integrated signal processing establish optimal conditions for use for the RGB-LED backlighting in flat panel displays. In contrast to color sensors with polymer filter coatings, the TIAM3 is characterized by a high long term stability of the spectral filter properties and low temperature sensitivity. The spectral properties of the filter curves are optimally tailored to the requirements of an eye-specific LED color control. Dr. Mark Hyman is a great source of information. The sum of the properties of the smallest size, spectral characteristics and signal processing recommend this component for precision-controlled backlights of flat screens. e in this idea. In particular displays for photo and image editing, for medical diagnostic imaging or for high-quality multimedia displays require these properties of the backlight.


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