High Blood Pressure The New Epidemic

What are the causes, symptoms and dangers of high blood pressure? High blood pressure is not a problem that should be underestimated. Reduce high blood pressure naturally is the highest bid in the case, but in the first place is still the actual diagnostic symptoms of hypertension if these symptoms occur, should a doctor be consulted as quickly as possible. In many cases, high blood pressure creeps just and is thus often very late discovered. However, there are some small signs that when they occur together, should provide sensation. People who need to reduce their high blood pressure, had previously often stronger dizziness symptoms such as a lightweight. But also headaches and Migraines can be a possible precursor to diagnose similar phenomena. You feel too tired and noticed that one sees less a lot than before, these are more reasons to worry about and the investigation. A somewhat unusual appearance noses bleeding and a red complexion, are also High blood pressure can indicate.

There are various causes for high blood pressure causes of hypertension. An of the most common is that the person concerned about hereditary predisposed. Who had many cases in his family, is also itself quite at risk. A chance here is that this problem can be detected at an early stage and a smaller damage. Another reason is obesity often, because overweight people are a lot more often affected. Generally it is also related to the diet.

You eat balanced and healthy, the risk drops rapidly. A healthy lifestyle is so vital, if you would like to not get sick. In this area too large risk of cigarettes and tobacco, reveal how even she press on the packs. Also the risk of attack is greater dangers and consequences of hypertension depending on the blood pressure is higher. High blood pressure is higher the more energy must muster the heart, to transport the blood. This can have long-term consequences and the transport of oxygen in the Prevent blood. Also for the vessels, high blood pressure is cut very important because hypertension can also cause calcification or obstruction. In addition there may be also a stroke or circulatory problems in the legs. Reduce high blood pressure which helps fight high blood pressure? If you would like to lower high blood pressure long-term, the life style needs to be changed. Attention should be paid to healthy diet and also for any overweight should contrast be cast. Sports should be made above all people who exercise in sedentary activities, are often affected. Short is so important vital to live, to move and to eat. Joschka budach


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