Healing Stone Shungite

Shungite – specific carbon species, which received its name from the village of Shunga on the shore of Lake Onega, where the first shungite was found. Shungite produced in Karelia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, near the town of Abakan, and as in Kazakhstan. Color shungite depending on the chemical composition can be black, gray, ashen, and other hues, interspersed with pyrite (gold), quartz (white). Shungite This can be distinguished from forgery because it conducts electricity easily. Shungite has an amazing ability to change the structure of water, giving it the healing properties due to the fact that amorphous carbon has the ability to move from the surface schungite in the water. Thus, water is carbonaceous. Due to this flow of water increases, and increases the permeability of water through the cell membrane. Shungite cleans water, removing it from harmful substances that blagotvortno effect on the body.

Complications when taking food from Shungite does not arise. This stone possesses anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antioxidant effects. In terms of feng shui shungite belongs to the element of water and therefore its use to people who need water, or to whom water is favorable. Since inflammation include the element of fire, shungite (water) decreases (inhibits) the tumor (the fire) So it successfully used in oncology. Shungite sold as a rock poroshek, pasta, pyramid, an ointment. This unusual stone is able to reduce the effect gepatogennyh zones, it is used often in mounds around military installations.

Shungite vozdeysvie reduces electrical appliances, mobile phones, reducing the aggressiveness of humans and animals. Since aggression is the influence of the metal, shungite (water) drains irritation and anger (metal). If the house put in a room aggressive person or a fighter Shungite pyramid, the man slowly but surely change its behavior. You can also change the behavior and aggressive animals in the house. Pyramid with shungite better use wax krikleiv inside in the upper corner of a piece of rock crystal, then the effect of the pyramid is a more lenient. Those who are familiar with the school of feng shui "Flying Star" is recommended to place the pyramid on the metal cluster of stars, or where is now unfavorable metal star 7. Currently sold rugs for cars with shungite, pillows, and a pyramid. People using shungite could see that they have more accidents on the roads there. Shungite (water) weakens the negative effect of the metal (machines). Anyone who enjoys shungite respond positively only to the breed. But it is worth remembering that the general recipe for all no. And people who have a very small Number of items metal in the body, shungite not help, but just the opposite. People who need the element of fire and have it a little, shungite (water) is contraindicated. How do I know that certain elements are favorable, and some are not, you must acquainted with the eastern astrology.


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