German Rate

Flat rates are nowadays simply indispensable for frequent callers. Flat rate is not equal to unlimited. This principle also applies to mobile phones or the corresponding contracts. During some flat rates all mobile services such as phone calls, texting and surfing on the Internet include, others flat rates are limited to the German fixed network or network calls and SMS. These differences make noticeable especially in the monthly basic charge and the rates for services not included in the flat rate.

Before graduating from a mobile flat rate therefore at least a rough calculation should be performed with the contract model the lowest costs are to be expected. There is a wide selection of flat rates. These are cheap mobile phone contracts for frequent callers. You will find you in all mobile phone networks, so the D1, D2, + or the O2 network. Usually one on the phone so that network internally and to landlines for free. Some can be ordered even a landline number to do this. You can then in the desired area, as for example at home or at work, to the be called competitive fixed network rate.

Schreiber also still a flat rate for texting to can be ordered for the texting. Flat rates there are not only for the call and to the surf, there are also flat rates for the Surf via UMTS/HSDPA mobile phones or even the laptop. There is a wide range of laptops with payout Karin Ketteler FA. mobile Flash