Euroleague Basketball

Basketball team 'Olympiakos' Greek confident of another victory won in the next game Euroleague Basketball. The victory was the fifth for the team, while they go after each other. These sports achieve valuable as it is for players and for fans. Last Thursday was the masts of H in Piraeus, where the Greeks were able to win a landslide victory against the Spanish team 'Kahi Laboral'. Game 102:85.

As can be seen, the gap in accounts is large enough, for sure this team is very much appreciated the fans, which becomes more and more. People such as Joint Commission would likely agree. In the first quarter of the match, the Greeks lost to 22:29, but by the end of the first half they were able to bring the score to a victorious leader, after which continued to increase only its results. The logical conclusion of the match was the victory of the Greeks. Osobbo were noted in this game, Josh Childress and athletes Sofoklis Shortsanitis. Both athletes are excellent and very good is that it will be interesting to know the girls.

Personally, I liked these 'great' men. To date, the Greek club already has a ticket to the quarterfinals, as it does not lose a single point for all five matches. Podmoskovnie "Khimki" have two wins and three defeats, that puts them not in the best light. Croatian 'Cibona' already lost hope of reaching the next round, but our guys 'Khimki' will fight 'Olympiakos'. Hopefully, the team of Greece will not play at full strength, as has already passed in the 14 finals due to what our guys can win a landslide victory. 'Olympiakos' surprised many by abruptly breaking in the top Euroleague teams, so it will continue to monitor the his success, which may well lead to a league title. I would also like to wish good luck to our team.


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