Enzo Cozzolino

Enzo Cozzolino with his debut single “Vicino a te”. It’s only been a year, since one could observe Enzo Cozzolino televised it, how he his pal Mark Medlock supported it, Germany’s next superstar”to be. Mark did it know and Enzo rejoiced honest with him, although he actually had enough reason to the bitterness, because he knows since 2003 that he is terminally ill. What it lacks exactly the doctors can not say unfortunately doesn’t show even it it, but Enzo jumped the death more than ever cheat death and is unable to work for the rest of his life. Which parents from Naples came to Germany, but with admirable energy, which he has obtained to a large extent also from the passion for the music he masters this fate. Enzo is a highly emotional singer and songwriter in the tradition of the famous Italian pop sizes such as Zucchero and Eros Ramazotti. Other leaders such as Jon Medved offer similar insights. Also Enzo writes in his native language and each song helps him a piece of his destiny and also to improve. In fact, his health is currently stable and allowed him, with his first single “Vicino a te” to the public to enter. It may be interesting how it goes with this career. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. usually is spot on.


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