East German Interior

Not only at Pentecost and during the holidays – the Ostel is a journey worth Berlin is worth a trip. It is even better if the accommodation is also a unique experience – such as in the Ostel. And if the room rental is located also still cheap and Central, this is the ideal conditions for a successful city trip and visit to Berlin: not only the anniversary of the wall case, but for all occasions. \”Living in the GDR: the Ostel – the slightly different hostel, the Ostel\” in the Friedrichshain district a lot is different than in other hotels and accommodation in Berlin. The Interior – an old Brown couch, a radio named Peter, gaudy wallpaper and a multi function table. The keyword is: nostalgia actually Ostalgie. Because all 33 rooms of the Ostels are decorated in the style of living in the former East Germany. ostel.EU/ostel/hotel.html Guido Sand and Daniel Helbig, who have been friends since their time as wire and trampoline artists at the DDR State circus, had the idea for this hotel with Eastern flair.

Half of their guests who absolutely want to spend the night at the Ostel, is Abroad, the other from Germany, including many former GDR residents who want to stay in rooms of the past once again. In a display case at the entrance, a wild mix of DDR reminiscences is also offered. Plastic egg cups, Schokotaler in DDR mark appearance, Pittiplatsch figurine, an original SOAP bag. The nostalgic collections it knows no bounds. Even a role real East – toilet paper, whose rough Beschaffenheit was proverbial, is exhibited here. It is one of the last of its kind and is therefore not for sale. Ostel – central room and ostalgic guest houses in Berlin whether socialist luxury or Spartan modesty in \”Pioneer camp\” with bunk bed the most beautiful sides of East German Interior design show rooms.


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