Counter Strike Source

Hello dear players of the world famous online shooter Counter Strike Source! In connection with the great renewal of the above games and add to the title Orangebox (never understood why), I decided to write this article to teach all beginners Players shoot from the right AK-47, or just 'Kalash'. Since physics in the game has changed dramatically, then we change the tactics of shooting from different weapons. First, this weapon has a fairly large spread of bullets, so should take this into account and do the best 2-3 shots with precise pointing at his head protivnika.Ya share 3 types of tactics of fire from AK: 1.Odinochny shot. A single shot is usually from an ambush at a place intended withdrawal protivnika.Opytny player knows at what level and where the enemy will be located at the Head of a point of the map, so it will be quite enough for one cartridge hit in the head. Conclusion: The first way, mostly for campers. 2.Vystrely 2-3 rounds. Additional information is available at Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. These shots are made to hover in precise surely kill the enemy, since it also leads to you not frail ogon.Delo that first shot flies quite accurate, but can not kill a player, if for example it will be a counter-terrorist with a bulletproof jacket and kaske.Imenno for this we make the second or third vystrel.Pervy same cartridge, once in the head, at least takes up the opponent 84 x, is 16, so he had the shot in any part of the body to die. Conclusion: The second method is quite good for a slow onset and gradual destruction of enemy forces. 3.Random. Rand (born random – random arbitrary) – Anglicism used to refer to interference of random factors, for which there is no possibility povliyat.Na fact that the Great Rand reverse trap embodiment Fortuny.A now in plain language, this is when you run into a crowd of players of the opposing team with the same AK-47i valish at least 80-90% of the crowd =))) Here a matter of chance, luck, there is no povezet.No such important factors as experience, they are in a small degree, but have its effect on randomschika.Para tips for a successful randomization:-well, and suddenly zafleshit enemy or greatly puffed in the alleged locality randomachtoby you can be as difficult to get, we direct-sight is much lower intended target (the head), that is shooting at the knees, either at the groin, but it's close enough if the distance; general conclusion Vobschem what method to use to decide when and only vam.Proanaliziruyte your type of game and have selected a suitable metoda.V end, much depends on the server CSS (Counter Strike Source Dedicated Server). If the server is on a fast and quality hosting, then aiming to be much simpler, and you can select the method of the presented for a specific server and specific tickrates.


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