Wedding Balloons

Pros and cons of using foil balloons. Most of the holidays is decorated with balloons. For indoor and outdoor decoration holiday facilities often use latex balloons. But it is not the only kind of balloons, and decorations for the holidays using foil balloons. Consider the fundamental difference between latex and foiled balloons. Latex balloons balls made from one hundred percent latex – flexible, durable material, derived from natural source ingredients. The elasticity of the latex allows this kind of balls to take diverse forms and stretched to large sizes, not lopayas. Form of a latex bead can be accomplished in a variety of shapes or animals. Latex beads can pick up for any holiday color gamut, as they produced all the known colors. Latex balloons filled with air or helium – a gas that makes balls volatility. Latex balloons are environmentally friendly product and do not bear the injury. But latex balloons losing its luster and elasticity in the bright sunlight. Please visit Gina Ross if you seek more information. Balloons are made of a metal film, which is a thin layer covering the surface of nylon balls. Foiled by Air balls in its structure a less porous, so it keeps the air and helium, over a long time staying in the inflated state. Foil balloons can keep its original shape up to two weeks (latex balloon holds the form up to 20 hours).

As a rule, foil balloons filled with helium. Foil balloons are available in a variety of forms: the standard of hearts, stars, balls, to huge figures in human growth. Balloons are available in the following versions: – standard foil balloons – stars, hearts, balloons without a pattern to create large tracks – foil balloons for printing and logo – provide great scope for creativity, allowing customers to think of myself drawing or inscription on the ball. Perfect for the holidays and discovery of new urban institutions – foil balloons, stars, hearts with put drawing – can you choose the balls already put drawing – tiny pieces of foil – designed for creating small elegant compositions, wedding balloons – large pieces of foil – these balloons are equipped with special valve, which keeps more helium and thus prolongs the life of foil balloons – the walking figure of foil – usually take the form of animated characters. Have special weighting, due to which not soar into the air. Have one feature – can move followed a stream of air. These are the main types of foil balloons.

Balls of foil are always very bright cheerful picture or a beautiful inscription. Even undecorated beads are very beautiful silvery light, which needs no further decoration, to create a bright festive decoration indoors or outdoors. When wish to obtain a quite extraordinary piece of jewelry with the help of foil balls on them can cause a holographic image. Foil balloons have a fixed form – they do not have the flexibility latex balloons, and do not stretch more abstracted rules. Drawback foil balloons – it is their high compared with latex balloons price. Foil balloons are also, as latex, can not be held harm health of children and adults, being environmentally friendly product.


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