VAT Year

The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt has confirmed in its latest press release that in Germany this year far fewer vehicles were approved than in the previous year. Is gratifying, however, that an upward trend is to be noted: in October 6.2% were admitted at least more vehicles than in the month before. The preferences of the Germans are modest: the new car should be small and economical and best white. The latest figures and statistics of the Federal motor vehicle Office could not be clearer. After the VAT increase at the beginning of the year the General predicted restraint entered now. Many motorists have time preferred the purchase of a new car and completed a cheap car loan rather than pay the higher value-added tax. This resulted in excellent sales particularly in the fourth quarter of last year. Overall the number of new registrations of motor vehicles rose in 2006 by 4.1% to 3.99 million.

Considering the segment of passenger cars, the approvals rose here by 126,000 vehicles and 3.8%, respectively. This fall However, the Germans seem to have re-discovered their much-discussed preference to avarice and favour Sparsarsamkeit. Particularly smaller cars in the mini segment were highly sought after and recorded an increase of 27.9%. Also, the percentage of approved diesel vehicles (49.6%) for the first time exceeded the gasoline (49.5%) if only very slightly. The statistics show that with the purchase of new cars but not only the model and the power play a role, but also the other fixed costs such as car insurance, fuel consumption, and tax.

Also the insurance generally, the lower the type class of the new car is, the cheaper. The car tax, however, is calculated according to the classification of the exhaust gas and is rather insignificant in comparison to the car insurance. The publication of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt clearly shows that German car drivers tend to be increasingly ask for vehicles, which are characterized by a lower fuel consumption. This formulation is however relative, because vehicles with a fuel consumption under 4 Litres are not up on the Beliebheitsskala what can probably be justified with the high purchase price. It remains to be seen, or the trend in the automotive market is rather a temporary savings mentality, can prevail in the long term.


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