Treatment Abroad

To date, medical treatment abroad is not a problem for our citizens. The information market appeared a lot of information about treatment abroad, the companies providing services to organizations abroad, as well as All about treatment abroad. Providers of this information is: – The foreign clinics that are available to spread materials on their websites, (unfortunately not all foreign clinics have pages in Russian) about medical activities, offices, clinics! But, unfortunately, not always possible to get information or an answer fast! – Travel company in Ukraine. Source: Abraham Maslow. Having experience with tourists (in principle if we compare schematically the organization of departure for a vacation and organization of treatment abroad, the only difference will be the place to stay in the country of temporary residence).

The big advantage of these companies have experience in organizing travel! Experience work with embassies, knowledge and requirements for travel documents, knowledge of the rules of crossing the border, the ability to organize services in the country of temporary residence, quickly change your flight date to rebook hotel on the other dates, arrange a pick up! -Intermediary companies: 1) the marketing departments of foreign clinics – advantage is that they do work on the clinic, to organize their treatment at the clinic and get an answer can be faster than appeal directly to the clinic. Minus – significant additional payment of services! 2) just ordinary companies, in the state where there are one or two doctors. But as a rule, patients who chose to leave to be treated abroad, running from our doctors! And turning, with trips to medical treatment abroad, they receive clear advice of doctors – information on visas and documents, look at the site of the Embassy! (I myself was witness to a situation where physician, after learning that the patient is open Cyprus visa, reassured her that she could on this visa to fly to Switzerland), arranging medical treatment abroad, it is important to “lead” the client from the beginning (from the moment of his arrival in the office) to end (up to Since his return home after treatment).