Transform Expert With A Time In The Day

Thanks for taking the time to read this report Executive Ideas, which intends to invite you to build your success in the continuing struggle for a dignified life and happy with money and time to spend with people you love. There have written thousands of ideas and most of them work, how sad is that most of these techniques, ideas, methods and concepts work, the problem is that people do not have the habit of applying them, ends in just “good intentions “The majority says it wants progress but hardly anyone is willing to pay the price of doing something to achieve it, it seems as if we expected that the sky comes the answer, I hope that is not you,” is like wanting to take the lottery without buying a ticket if prefer to spend hours watching television, at parties or gatherings “social”, I understand that this is necessary, the problem is to do a balance between fun and preparedness, and that every hour spent on preparation will give you many hours of wealth and leisure goods. The global statistics report (not changed in a long time) that more than 80% of adults of working age spend on average 2:30 hours in front of the TV if this will become 114 days are working days (8 hours) or is that 85% of adults spend a third of the year, watching TV, sad but true! I know that watching television is an excellent distraction, is not the sacrifice, it is also necessary to enjoy your free time. I suggest you spend a small part of that time “entertainment” to your training I’m sure you could. If you spend “an hour a day from Monday to Friday to prepare something that you like and enjoy doing. It is a fact that with an hour a day you can become an expert on the topic of your choice. The time required is only two years, well worth the “sacrifice” for success.

I do not know your age but in only two years you can become a successful person and have the things you always dreamed of and still can not. Professionals without specialty, spend on average 14 years studying children, to their profession, many hours of study, you invest two years. You wonder that in just two years you can become an expert, you argue the reasons, spend time When the things you love, you learn fast, you enjoy and do it with joy, time flies. The trick is to be disciplined for this, for two weeks without missing a day, devote yourself to study if you do it becomes a habit, that wonderful hour every day you build a successful future that never thought to accomplish. Do not study something you do not think like that make more money. If you will do, nothing will serve the rich doing something you do not like, as the saying goes “if the cage is golden no longer prison” if you do you like the success will follow as the shadow the body, work will be an enjoyable activity. Imagine reverse that hour a day, I sure that soon you’ll be mentioning your assurance of success. If you invested “time” to read this far, tells me you’re a person in search of success and wealth, it begins today, but at this time. The responsibility for your future is yourself, nobody will do for you, if you discover the “how” you just need the “who” want to achieve. Success is yours, just take it, undertaken with Executive Ideas. Your servant and friend Ramon Salop