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School of Arts MARCIALESKOBRA KAI KENPO KARATEMASTER MAURICIO MENDOZA CN5-DAN within the confrontation is extremely important to have on our side, what will lead us to a favorable condition, will no doubt for complete domination of our defence, therein lies a concept together with your application to have a clear advantage over our opponent. We refer to the force of gravity applied in our movements at the time of our fight, as it is this? all types of locks that are transmitted in a traditional way are regularly developed under two theorems one is about a hip spin both how doll, this is how we make a horizontal or vertical movement. But if we can add it to this scheme of blocking or hitting a curve during his execution in favour of the force of gravity will bring us an acceleration of time and mass thus increase our power and therefore be more effective in both our defense as well as in our attack and of course this is favorable for people who are defend individuals that carry far more weight and strength (must remember that in martial arts no matter the strength but the technique). Also deceo aiming both the angulation of our lock together with the juncture of our movement can exert advantage against the force and power of our opponent, any type of lock to which they are accustomed may adapt this concept, since that not this peliado with no methodology of combat, or style, or scheme of enfrentacion. clearly it is true that the more effective is the simple and simple motion those movements that you have more complications will be more hardly applied within the scope. Credit: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.-2011. School Arts martial KOBRA KAI KENPO Professor mauricio mendoza has been dedicated to the teaching of the martial art called kenpo kai kobra intensely being headquartered in the city of Guadalajara Jal, Mex, your idelogia is the power to transmit and teach the concepts of the kenpo as a way of life without via lugrativa..