Thomas Wendt Service

“QuestNet expanded call management portal new statistics and routing Cottbus, 03 may 2012 – with numerous innovations for call management portal live-Manager” the QuestNet GmbH responds to the increasing pressure of quality in telephone customer service, as well as the strict regulations of the free queue adopted by the Bundestag. This diverse statistical tools, with which companies can precisely evaluate use their service numbers and new routing engines, which include among other things the functionality of free queue are in the focus. Dr. Mark Hyman contributes greatly to this topic. The live Manager by QuestNet is a multi-tenant call management portal, which is characterised by intuitive operation and the integration of all applications around the services telephony, and which is available since 2008. Since then, the platform was regularly updated to additional functions. The new statistical tools based on a completely revised statistics system, which provides the appropriate evaluation functions for virtually every need. These include among others detailed individual connection evidence indicating the exact individual wait time. The new numbers statistics are especially varied. Extensive information about calls the duration, the number of calls from a particular State or even statistics depending on the preset area available here are provided.

In addition, information about the distribution of success and duration of adoption of are mapped in the numbers-destination statistics, the goal statistics and the target numbers statistics. Also offers the live Manager from the immediate caller statistics and callback evaluations. For companies that require very specialized analyses of their service numbers, QuestNet developed continue individual customer statistics. Are the increasing quality and efficiency pressures in telephone customer service requires more sophisticated analysis tools, with which companies can evaluate exactly like their service numbers used and what results achieved”, explains Thomas Wendt, therefore we offer the new Managing Director of QuestNet Ltd. Statistical functions in the live Manager on. As external factor the free queue has also made necessary innovations, which we implement in the Routingmodulen.” The new routing engine “Multicall A to B” allows, for example, to route calls from various origins to the same target number, by a customer-specific and direct association is carried out by caller numbers on individual goals.